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Selfies with Sexton: A Day in John’s Shoes

On Tuesday, October 1st, NYU President John Sexton documented his day on our Instagram. Between the selfies, food photo, and subway shots, discover a day in the life of our University president — from morning coffee to bedtime.

6:15AM: Bumping into Professor Leslie Greengard while walking LEGS

7:03AM: Morning paper, coffee, and memos

7:36AM: Meeting University Provost David McLaughlin for a morning update

8:20AM: A quick stop to vote for Public Advocate

8:45AM: His first selfie of the day with graduate students Jossie and Erin

9:05AM: Speaking to Faculty Fellows in Residence

10:12AM: Meeting with the University’s Senior Team

10:50AM: Catching up with some phone calls

11:15AM: Sitting down with General Secretary of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby — also an NYU Law alum!

11:57AM: Heading over to Volare, Sexton’s favorite lunch spot, for a farewell luncheon

12:15PM: Eating a little on the healthier side

12:27PM: Enjoying conversation over lunch

12:46PM: Selfie shot with Jonathan, previously a senior aide in the president’s office

1:07PM: Heading to the West 4th St. station for a meeting uptown

1:15PM: Catching the train uptown

1:46PM: Getting the hang of selfies with the Chair of the Board of Trustees Marty Lipton

2:06PM: Meeting with the Board of Trustees Committee on Technology

3:33PM: On a selfie roll, this time with Trustee Chandrika Tandon

4:42PM: Meeting new faculty at a reception in Kaufman Management Center

5:06PM: Greeting new faculty members

6:10PM: Taking a moment to gaze at the view

6:35PM: Stopping for a photo of his favorite NYU building, Vanderbilt Hall

7:00PM: Beginning class with a selfie

7:34PM: Making pop culture references in lecture

8:45PM: Collecting notes (and the leftover Pepsi) at the end of class

8:49PM: Hugging students farewell for the night

9:30PM: Meeting with students in Bobst

10:17PM: Nighttime view from the office before heading home

10:32PM: Posing with Public Safety

10:34PM: Last hug of the night

11:00PM: Picking up dinner

11:23PM: Heading home

11:32PM: Nighttime walk with LEGS

11:45PM: Finally getting time to relax and eat

12:22AM: Catching up on the news

12:44AM: Reviewing the day’s emails

1:25AM: One last glance of the city that never sleeps

1:30AM: Off to bed

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