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The Quest for Espresso Around the Square — Part 1

The coffee quest continues! Sure, anyone can drink regular drip / filtered coffee, but you ought to venture into the greener pastures of caffeinated espresso heaven at hip coffee shops around NYU! (After all, we could all use a little more energy to get through the rest of this cold semester.) Our list of spots will be sure to keep you awake and shaking from the caffeine excitement.

Bowery Coffee (Houston St. between Bowery & Elizabeth)


This vintage light shop turned coffee shop serves solid espresso and sweets from Doughnut Plant. Grab a cortado or a flat white, sit by the industrial window, and look through the cracks to see the Bowery Mural across the street.

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"Being on a team makes you accountable to someone other than yourself." Hear Drew’s story and more at

Favorite Pizza Places Around NYU

Whether you’re grabbing a quick snack, providing food for a club meeting, attending the NYU Pizza Club meeting — does that exist?! — or simply getting some noms late at night, pizza is always a favorite at NYU.

Here are some of our team’s favorite pizza joints around NYU and NYC!

Artichoke Pizza (Macdougal St. between Minetta Ln. and Bleecker St., Manhattan)


A slice of their signature Artichoke will cost you $4.50, but they’re enormous and delicious. The $4.00 slice of classic Margherita is also great. There’s usually a line but fear not, it’s pretty quick and so worth it (and there’s no shame in eating it outside standing). — Andrew

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There’s Something About Mary…

How much do you know about the dean of NYU Tisch? Mary Schmidt Campbell is a pretty big deal, you know… We were lucky enough to sit down with her recently, and couldn’t keep all of this new info to ourselves! Here are her quickfire interviews, book recommendations, favorite songs, and more all right here for you to peruse. 

First thing’s first: what did the dean of Tisch want to do when she grew up? It might surprise you!

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8 Types of Roommates You Encounter at NYU

It’s about that time when you’re looking for your bunking buddies for next year. Finding the perfect roommate can be its own housing lottery, and sometimes we have to make compromises when your lifestyles aren’t identical (because that’s not a real thing). Here are seven types of roommates you may encounter while at NYU — and some tips on how to pursue harmonious living no matter how different you may be.

1. The Night Owl. They are the World of Warcraft fanatics, night shift workers, and ultimate procrastinators working dead into the night. If you’re an early sleeper, buy some earphones (or listen to music to fall asleep) and figure out the lighting situation. You don’t want to end up like this…


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April 1st?


Except for class. That is most likely still true today…

25 Priceless #NYU2018 Reactions

Spring has sprung (finally!) and so have some more potential incoming freshmen! This past weekend, regular decision applicants for NYU’s Class of 2018 received the best emails and letters ever — their acceptances! They took to the interwebs to show their reactions… but mainly just really just freak out. (C’mon, who wouldn’t?! NYU is THE BEST!)

Congrats, kiddos <3 Hope to see you this fall!

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13 Freakin’ Awesome Female NYU Alums

Woman’s HERstory Month may be wrapped up — but not until we recognize some of NYU’s AMAZING female alumni. The glass ceiling has nothing on them!

1. Peggy Yu (Stern ‘92) is the founder and chairwoman of Dangdang, the Chinese equivalent of Amazon and China’s largest online retailer.


2. Suzanne Collins (Tisch ‘89) wrote The Hunger Games. ‘Nuff said.


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