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Happy Birthday, John! 13 Happy Sexton Selfies and Photos

Since JSex debuted his selfie skills last October, he’s been all over Instagram. C’mon, how can you not set the bar pretty high with this classic?

To celebrate JSex’s birthday, we’ve compiled a handful of awesome #jsexselfies and other photos from the semester so far. But don’t worry if you haven’t gotten the famous Sexton hug and your selfie yet — it’s only September! Happy Birthday, John!

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7 Sleep ProTips to Power You Through the Semester

As awesome as it is, life as an NYU student isn’t exactly low-key… Besides classes, you probably have an internship, on-campus job, and/or club leadership position. Before you know it, you’ll start conking out in the middle of lecture (looking at you, Franco)!  If you find yourself so high-wired that you crave a Starbucks IV drip, it’s time to turn down and find out how to actually get a good night’s sleep.  

1. Calculate your sleep. Waking up mid-REM sleep cycle is a sure-fire way to feel groggy. tells you exactly which times — to the minute — to go to bed based on when you need to wake up. Never be sleepy again? Count us in!


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7 Ways to Get Your Fall on at NYU

Gone are the days of blistering heat and 98 percent humidity. School is back in session, the days are getting shorter, and the city is brimming with interesting fairs and attractions all centered around fall fun. So break out those cardigans and jump in some leaves!


1. Consume as much fall-inspired food and drink as you can. We just checked… and there are at least 50 different coffee shops around Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn (we have a few favorites). The sheer number of places to go is the perfect excuse to get the classic PSL or try something completely new, like hot apple cider or pumpkin muffins!

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10 SpongeBob Stages of Writing the First Paper of the Semester

Whether you’re a senior Gallatino or a freshman in Writing The Essay, no one looks forward to the first paper of the semester. We know you deal with it… 

… and we share your pain! Remember the days before college when you could just watch cartoons all day (or was that last weekend)? And now you have a paper to write. If only you combine the two… Get out your thesaurus, prepare those topic sentences, and inhale some caffeine.

1. Shock. Maybe it’s the first day of class and you’re reading through the syllabus. Ten page paper due two weeks? Nooooooooooo.


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Take a Bite from NYU’s New Dining Options

Dining got a bit of a makeover and it’s helping ease the grief of losing Hayden cookies this academic year (secret: we’ve found them at Tap Room!). Besides the spankin’ new website, NYU Dining has some seriously cool additions that’ll get you psyched to start using your meal plan, Dining Dollars, and Campus Cash!

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is now located on Kimmel’s second floor next to the Commuter Lounge and filled with delicious beverages and pastries to hold you over in between classes. We’re wondering how the wait competes with Starbucks’ infamous line a block away…


Sidestein Market — yes, another “stein”! — is visible from the Weinstein windows and brings the dining options in the freshmen residence hall up to four. Best part? It’s open until 11PM every day! Take that, Fridays at Upstein.


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NYU Views: Alumni Hall. Talk about heightened perceptions! Alumni Hall’s tenth floor study lounge has a south-facing window that offers unparalleled views of the Lower East Side and Williamsburg Bridge.

NYU Views: Alumni Hall. Talk about heightened perceptions! Alumni Hall’s tenth floor study lounge has a south-facing window that offers unparalleled views of the Lower East Side and Williamsburg Bridge.

9 Amazing Global Stories from NYU Students

Whether it’s riding a beautiful ferris wheel in Taipei, walking on the Great Wall of China, or seeing the Pope at The Vatican, NYU students do some pretty astounding things — and you can see oodles and oodles of their mind-blowing posts on THIS IS NYU. To give you a taste, here are a few of our favorite posts from last semester.



Carnival rides in Sydney? New item on our bucket list!


“It was 79 degrees today in Florence and an old man politely told me to put on pants.”

We can’t endorse traveling around Europe without pants, but we can see how it might make visiting one of the prettiest Italian cities a bit cooler

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14 Beautifully-Designed NYU Freshmen Rooms on Instagram

NYU students are darn creative, there’s no doubt about that. When it comes time to move into and decorate your new home for the next year, it can be a little daunting, especially the first time around! From lollipops, plush rugs, movie posters, storage solutions, and string lights, take a peek at some of our favorite new cribs among NYU’s Class of 2018 — and maybe get some good ideas for your own.

But those still putting up photos and posters, get ready to show off your awesome style with NYU’s Rock Your Room contest starting Sept. 15. Stay tuned!

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What’s in Your Backpack?

With all the varying lifestyles here at NYU, everyone’s carrying around something different. But whether you’re an art major, tech fiend, involved with 100 clubs, or all of the above, we all have the same panicked moment before we leave for our 8AM class: “Did I pack everything?!” As the first day of classes draws near, let’s take a peek into the backpacks of real NYU students for some smart ideas. Pack wisely and go kick butt, NYU!


The Techie. If you’re carrying around the newest and best technologies to your classes all day, space and weight are precious for those walks from Gramercy to the lab.

  • A laptop and/or tablet are lightweight productivity machines

  • A laptop charger, for those days with two classes or more

  • An external hard drive is a must-have for any student with serious digital storage needs

  • Gum, in case you run into a Google exec on the street


The Avid Traveler. If you’re a student who has traveled all five boroughs and knows the NYC bus and subway maps by heart, you’ve gotta make sure nothing rains on your parade. Literally. 

  • An umbrella is the perfect shield from the rain in NYC’s unpredictable weather

  • A MetroCard will get you to any borough, 24/7

  • Aspirin, because a little headache shouldn’t stop you from visiting all 12 freeseums in one day
  • A memento brochure to remind you of your next great adventure

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It’s the first day of school AND WE SO EXCITED.

It’s the first day of school AND WE SO EXCITED.